Disgraceful performance from Forouzan

I know I am a few days late on this, but goalkeeper Mohsen Forouzan was just terrible in Tractor Sazi’s 3-1 loss to Sepidrood on 12 April.

It was so bad that all three goals allowed by Forouzan were suspicious.

These kinds of scenarios are just terrible and after seeing the highlights, the first thought that crossed my mind was match fixing.

Forouzan has played professionally in Iran since 2004 and he has also been capped two times for Team Melli.

But what would bring Forouzan to intentionally hurt Tractor’s chances of winning the Iranian Pro League?

Well, we can speculate all we want but Forouzan has already been cut from Tractor.

Hopefully Mohammad Reza Akhbari gets back to the form that got him called up to Team Melli back in 2016.

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